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Are your Engine Compartments protected from fire?

Rudolph Brothers presents Fireguard 75PA Excel (Fireguard) from Scott Bader. Fireguard is a paint-on top coat which has been shown to withstand a direct flame of 700° C for over 60 minutes. Since Fireguard is painted on; it can drastically increase the fire protection inside cramped areas like engine compartments. The fire protection coating can be applied to the corners and tight spots that might not be reached by traditional extinguishers.

An intumescent topcoat, such as Crystic Fireguard 75PA Excel, when applied to a cured FRP laminate surface provides a passive fire protective barrier to block the path of a fire. It works due to its unique chemistry and its reaction when it exposed to a direct flame. In simple terms, when fire attacks the intumescent topcoat it causes a chemical reaction which makes the topcoat expand to form a nonflammable protective layer that insulates the surface over which it has been applied. While it will not protect indefinitely from an unchecked fire, Crystic Fireguard 75PA Excel can withstand a direct flame at a temperature of 700 deg. C for over 60 minutes without the laminate behind catching fire. This is a significant period of time to contain a fire and prevent it from rapidly spreading, which can help to avoid catastrophic fire damage and save lives.

How do you protect your molds when they are in storage?

Our Mold Protector is an easy to apply, easy to remove coating for use on composite molds when in storage or transportation.
Is your mold surface the same after it comes out of storage? Many times, molds are stored outside where they become subject to the elements. Ultimately, time and money is required to repair, clean, and polish the mold.

Take a proactive approach with our product:

By applying Moldguard, your mold becomes protected from air, moisture, UV light, and frost. Store your mold with the peace of mind that the surface with retain the quality it needs to go back into service. The moldguard is easily removed: just peel it off.

Build a better Product

For the past 25 years, Rudolph Bros has been a premier partner for Boat Builders. We specialize in adhesive applications and mold release applications. Let us help you with your current project.

Are you still using putty? Are you still using wax for a release agent?

Let a technical service representative from Rudolph Bros. show you the next generation replacement s for these out-of-date products. We can help you improve your operation and build a better, higher quality product.

Ask us about how these products can help you:


  • Structural Adhesives for deck to hull bonding and stringer to hull bonding.
  • Marine-Grade sealants for above and below the water line.

Mold Release

  • Semi-Permanent Mold Release allows multiple releases per application.