Products for the Transportation Markets


Technologies available:

  • Window Glass Bonding Adhesives
  • Glass Bonding Primer Systems
  • Body and Seam Sealants
  • Structural Adhesives


Rudolph Brothers has participated in the transportation markets for decades. Our expertise lies in the Automotive, Recreational Vehicle (RV), Bus, Truck, and Rail markets where we have helped customers cut costs, accelerate manufacturing times, and improve product quality.


BETASEAL™ glass bonding systems: The industry standard in structural and stationary glass bonding, meeting globally mandated requirements for rollover and roof crush
BETAMATE™ structural adhesives: Replace mechanical fasteners to help enable increased stiffness for improved crash resistance, while reducing fastener weight up to 20 percent

BETAFILL™ seam ealastic adhesive/sealants: Help prevent moisture intrusion that can lead to corrosion

BETAPRIME™ primers: Enable exceptional surface preparation while minimizing waste

BETATECH™ elastic adhesives/sealants: Offer exceptional primerless performance on a variety of substrates