Rudolph Bros. & Co. offers a wide range of polyurethane elastomers as well as high performance polyether and polyester elastomers. All of our systems are diverse, easy-to-handle materials that can be used for applications ranging from prototypes and parts to flexible molds, foundry patterns and core boxes. Our high performance elastomers are used to produce rollers, tires, vibratory mill linings, belts, gaskets, seals wheels, molded parts, die pads, bushings, and gears.

Rudolph Bros. line of polyurethanes is formulated to offer a broad spectrum of physical properties. The materials feature a range of hardness levels, from an extremely soft, Shore 10A to a very hard, Shore 90D. Many of our systems exhibit outstanding tear strength, while others feature excellent toughness and resistance to impact and abrasion. A number of our systems can be successfully used for both thick sections and small, thin-walled parts. And, the elastomeric materials provide outstanding reproduction of detail, closely resembling the appearance of injection-molded thermoplastic production parts.

Rudolph Bros. polyurethane systems are formulated for use with a variety of processing techniques including conventional casting, vacuum casting, pressure casting and meter mixing. Our elastomers offer many handling benefits. They are liquid at room temperature to facilitate mixing and casting. Their pot life permits sufficient working time for most projects. And, many products attain their full, cured physical performance characteristics at room temperature with low shrinkage.