Henkel Frekote

Frekote Mold Release Agents

The Frekote® line of release agents, cleaners and sealers offers the broadest product range in the industry. From golf clubs to kayaks, truck tires to o-rings, from custom yachts to bathtubs, we have the release agent you need for most composite and rubber materials.

Loctite® Frekote® Polyurethane Series, Mold Release Agents and Sealers

Exceptional mold release performance on a variety of substrates, including polyurethanes. Learn

Composite Mold Release
For compression molding, casting, vacuum bagging, high-slip, high performance composites and filament winding processes.

Fiberglass Release Agents / FRP
For cast polymer, solid surface, gel coat, solvent based and non-gel coat.
Polyurethane Mold Release
For exceptional mold release performance on a variety of substrates including polyurethanes.

Rotational Mold Release
For polyamide, polyethylene and polypropylene.
Rubber & Silicone Release Agents
For general rubber goods, technical rubber goods, rubber-to-metal and silicone elastomers.

Sacrificial Release Agents
For general purpose, phenolic, silicone, epoxies, thermoset resins, and urethanes.
Specialty Mold Release
Specialty products for sand casting, organic rubber, highly filled polymer, cast urethane and polyurethane.

Mold Release Cleaners & Sealers
Sealers and cleaners for metal, polyester, composite and fiberglass molds.