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Henkel is the leader in structural adhesives and surface treatments for the aircraft OEM and MRO industries. The company is listed in over 5.000 aerospace specifications. Henkel invests heavily in R&D and product support and is a world market leader in these industries for over 40 years. Innovative materials provide our customers with practical, economic and performance benefits.


Henkel is a leader in structural assembly and metal surface treatment solutions.

Our structural assembly portfolio of products provides structural adhesives and resins for the fabrication of metal, composite and honeycomb structures. Our comprehensive portfolio of surface treatment products provides solutions for the cleaning and maintenance of all aircraft metals ranging from landing gear to jet engines. Our products and solutions are used on commercial aircraft, regional jets, business aircraft, jet engines and nacelles, space and defense, helicopter and airline refurbishment and overhaul operations. Our products have served the aerospace market for over 40 years and are known under the Hysol structural adhesive brand, the Turco paint stripping and cleaning brand, the Frekote mold releases and the Alodine conversion coatings.

Aerospace Solutions


Aircraft appearance

Henkel provides a wide variety of cleaners for the aviation and aerospace industry. This array of products is based upon neutral, acid or alkaline systems designed to fit even the most demanding requirements. The products are typically used in immersion tanks, spray or brush applications.

Aircraft chemical milling processes

Henkel’s line of chemical milling maskants provides both solvent based and polyurethane based two component maskants which are used to allow aircraft manufacturers to chemical mill small amount of metal from larger parts to achieve weight savings.

Aircraft composite assemblies

Henkel provides a variety of product solutions which facilitate the manufacture of composite assemblies in aircraft ranging from wing flaps, leading edges, rudder assemblies, wing to body fairings, trailing edges and ailerons.

Aircraft depaint & repaint systems

Being the first to offer methylenchloride free paint strippers to the market, Henkel has an extensive line of environmentally advantaged paint strippers for use in the de-paint of aircraft surfaces and parts, which are designed to cling to vertical surfaces thereby improving the paint removal process.

Aircraft machine grinding & cutting

Henkel offers a complete line of  machine coolants for cutting and grinding under the Multan product brand. The Multan series of cutting and grinding machine coolants are available in various chemistries including straight oils, soluble oils, semi synthetics and full synthetics.

Aircraft metal processing lines

Henkel has a wide array of neutral, alkaline or acid based process line cleaners for metal substrates. Designed for multi-metal or specific substrates, each of these products meets the requirements of key OEM customers.

Defense and Aerospace Electronics

Henkel has more than 35 years of experience in supplying the defense and aerospace industry with Emerson & Cuming, Ablestik, Loctite®, Hysol and Multicore product solutions.

High temperature assembly

Henkel provides film adhesives and primers along with paste adhesive for engine nacelle assembly. They are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous high temperature operating environments and meet the demands of jet engine manufacturers, engine nacelle producers and commercial aircraft manufacturers.

Honeycomb & metal assembly

In the Honeycomb and Metal Assembly segment, Henkel offers metal bonding films for original construction and repair qualified to all major aerospace specifications, toughened paste adhesives used for bonding, potting and filling and syntactic films and pastes.


Henkel’s LOCTITE is the trusted choice for engineered, high performance adhesive, sealant and coating solutions.


Over fifty years of success has made Henkel’s Bonderlube line the world leader in high-performance lubricant products.


Dualite™ microspheres offer unique solutions to meet the needs of numerous industries and a broad spectrum of applications.


Hysol product range offers a full line of electronic materials for electronic and semiconductor components.


Global Turco brand for the manufacture, maintenance and overhaul of commercial, private and Military aircraft.