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Hapco, Inc. is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of thermoset polymers and meter-mix dispensing equipment. We operate a state-of-the-art research, development, and casting facility, and focus efforts in five main application areas: Liquid Molding, Tooling and Foundry, Electronic Insulation, Filtration & Ultrafiltration, and Structural Adhesives.

Our Mission is:
“To support and maintain our processes allowing us to repeatedly deliver quality polymer alloy materials, state-of the-art dispensing equipment, and expert technical support to our customer’s complete satisfaction.”
Hapco, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company.

Materials, Adhesives & Accessories
Liquid Molding Compounds
Castalloy™ – Low cost, water thin casting resin that gels in 1.5 minutes and can be de-molded in less than 10 minutes. Castalloy is a 1:1 ratio by volume.
Hapflex™ – High performance elastomeric polymer alloys available in multiple speeds, colors, and hardnesses. (25A-72D)
Hapsil™ – High tear strength, tin catalyzed RTV-2 Silicone rubber, which was designed for casting Hapco’s rigid and flexible polyurethane resins.
Steralloy™ – Elastomeric and rigid Food & Drug Grade polymer alloys specifically formulated for applications that require FDA approval.
S-RIM™ – Production grade casting resins available in black or tan color. S-RIM is a 1:1 ratio by volume and can be de-molded in 5-10 minutes.
Tuffalloy™ – Rigid Liquid Molding Compounds with thermoplastic properties. Available in 4 speeds with a low viscosity and 1:1 ratio by volume.
Ultracast™ – Low shrink, low viscosity, one to one mix ratio, duplicating casting systems that reproduce the finest detail.
Ultraclear™ – Opticallyl clear casting resins with excellent physical properties and UV stability. Ultraclear products are low viscosity & available in a wide range of gel times.
Ultralloy™ – Wide selection of rigid urethane plastics with high physical properties for prototype or production parts. Many Ultralloy products are UL listed and pass 94 V-0.
Dielectric Compounds
Di-Pak™ – Elastomeric and rigid materials formulated specifically for electrical applications. Available in multiple colors, speeds, and durometers.
Sympoxy™ – Rigid epoxy formulations that are commonly used in electrical applications.

Two Part Epoxies

Hapcast™ – High performance, high temperature, epoxy casting systems that are aluminum, steel, or iron filled.
Hapcoat™ – Durable surface coats for a wide variety of brush–on applications.
Haprez™ – High strength, chemically resistant, un-filled epoxy laminating systems. Can be used with different hardeners for different gel times, viscosities, and physical properties.

Epoxy Powders

Sympoxy™ 1960 / 1961G – One component, heat cure epoxy powder that has excellent electrical properties and is extremely lightweight.


Hapweld™ – Industrial grade structural adhesives used for bonding or repairing. Not epoxies you can find at your local hardware store.
Filter-bond™ – Elastomeric and rigid material systems designed for the Filtration & Ultrafiltration Industry. Customers have submitted final products for FDA approval and passed numerous times.


Release Agents – Prevents adhesion to molds and patterns and prolongs the life of molds.
Color Dispersions – Opaque and translucent color dispersions for coloring of Hapco’s urethanes and epoxies.
Fillers – Lower cost, increase thermal conductivity or machinability, and increase physical properties by adding certain fillers to Hapco products.
Other Products – Primers, solvents, stabilizers, and modifiers.