Chem-Trend L.P.

Worldwide Headquarters
North American Region Headquarters
1445 W. McPherson Park Drive
Howell, Michigan 48843 U.S.A.

Chem-Trend is a global leader in the development of value-adding specialty release agents. We offer an expansive portfolio of release agents tailor-made for many different industrial applications. Our line of release agents includes water-based and solvent-based products as well as silicone and silicone-free products in semi-permanent or apply-every-cycle product formulations. We develop specialized products based on the needs of our customers and the markets they serve. Our focus is on providing release agents that create value for our customers by not only providing solutions to overcoming their manufacturing challenges, but by also leveraging the power that release agents offer to improve operational efficiency and product quality.


A range of release agent options to meet your particular molding requirements

Every molding process is unique in some way, so it only makes sense that no single release agent can address every type of process. As such, Chem-Trend offers a wide variety of release agent options that are suited to address your specific needs and optimize your results. Release agents (parting agents, form lubricants) can be categorized in several different ways and many different varieties are available within each category.

  • Conventional mold release agents are excellent for use with molded parts with very complex geometry.
  • Semi-permanent mold release agents provide a great value for molding operations, adding significant operational advantages.
  • Silicone-free mold release agents allow molded parts to be painted or glued with little or no surface preparation, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies.


Chem-Trend has been developing and manufacturing release agents for some of the most challenging industrial applications for more than 50 years. Our line of solvent- and water-based semi-permanent mold release agents for rotomolding are specially designed and formulated to perform under all conditions. It’s all part of our commitment to providing our customers with greater value, performance and dependability.