Below is a listing of common NSN’s requested by Rudolph Brothers.

Give us a call if you have any questions or if you do not see the NSN you need.


NSNItem Description
8040-01-163-3481HYSOL EA 9309.3 NA QT SYSTEM
8040-01-382-5841HYSOL EA 9309.3 NA 50G E-Z PAK
8040-01-117-5385HYSOL EA 9309.2 NA QT SYSTEM
8040-01-333-0941HYSOL EA 9309.1 NA QT SYSTEM
8040-01-107-4000HYSOL EA 9313 QT SYSTEM
8040-01-0184-7171HYSOL EA 9330.3 QT SYSTEM
8040-01-193-6717HYSOL EA 9321 QUART SYSTEM
8040-01-137-8418HYSOL EA 9330 QUART SYSTEM
8040-01-089-9073HYSOL EA 9330 50G PUDDING CUP
8040-01-363-3493HYSOL EA 9323 QUART SYSTEM
8040-01-216-7810HYSOL EA 9628 .060 PSF NW
8040-00-159-5151HYSOL EA 9306NA QT
8040-01-347-7597HYSOL EA 956 50G E-Z PAK
8040-00-152-0017HYSOL EA 934NA 2.5 OZ SEMKIT
8040-01-347-7600HYSOL EA 934NA 50G E-Z PAK
8040-00-152-0023HYSOL EA 934NA 6 OZ SEMKIT
8040-01-450-6910HYSOL EA 934NA PT SYSTEM
8040-00-995-7017HYSOL EA 934NA GAL SYSTEM
8040-00-831-3403HYSOL EA 901NA/B-1 QT SYSTEM
8040-01-043-5423HYSOL EA 9320NA GAL SYSTEM
8040-01-126-6270HYSOL EA 9309NA 25G E-Z PAK
8040-01-347-7598HYSOL EA 9309NA 50G E-Z PAK
8040-01-152-8105HYSOL EA 9309NA PT SYSTEM
8040-01-169-5304HYSOL EA 9394 50G E-Z PAK
8040-01-332-8879HYSOL EA 9396 50G E-Z PAK
8040-01-332-8880HYSOL EA 9396 GAL SYSTEM
8040-01-175-9193HYSOL EA 9446 QT SYSTEM
8040-01-470-3229HYSOL EA 9377 QT SYSTEM
8040-01-208-6003Hysol EA 960F QT SYSTEM
8040-00-463-7042Hysol EA 956 QT SYSTEM
8040-00-016-8662Hysol EA 934NA QT SYSTEM
8040-01-199-1232Hysol EA 9317 QT SYSTEM
8040-01-197-9773HYSOL EA 9309NA QT SYSTEM
8040-01-388-2930Hysol EA 9390 QT SYSTEM
8040-01-288-5856Hysol EA 9394 QT SYSTEM
8040-00-209-1286Hysol EA 9396 QT SYSTEM
8040-01-452-5539Hysol EA 9395 QT SYSTEM
8040-01-465-4294Hysol EA 9360 QT SYSTEM
8040-00-117-8374HYSOL EA 929NA QT
8040-01-126-6271HYSOL EA 956 25G E-Z PAK
8040-00-116-0853HYSOL EA 901NA/L-3 QT SYSTEM
8040-00-111-6522HYSOL EA 9300NA QT SYSTEM
8040-00-043-0823HYSOL EA 913NA/L-3 QT SYSTEM
8040-01-189-1284HYSOL EA 9314NA QT SYSTEM
8040-01-332-8877HYSOL EA 9396 2.5 OZ SEMKIT
8040-01-332-8878HYSOL EA 9396 6 OZ SEMKIT
8040-01-353-5015HYSOL EA 9628 .085 PSF NW
8040-01-325-3009HYSOL EA 9628 .085 PSF K
8040-01-204-7187HYSOL EA 9210 10% GAL
8040-01-355-6366HYSOL EA 9203 GAL
8040-01-176-7620HYSOL EA 9339 QT SYSTEM
8040-01-347-7599HYSOL EA 934NA 25G PUDDING CUP
8040-00-004-2337HYSOL EA 946 PART B QUART
8040-01-163-3481EA 9309.3NA PART B QUART
8030-01-169-1113FREKOTE AC4368 9.2OZ EN
8040-00-092-2816Hysol 608 EPK 2.8OZ KIT
8040-01-065-9956LOCTITE HYS 608 2QT EN
8040-00-922-8116LOCTITE HYS 608 4G EN
8040-01-124-9736LOCTITE HYS 615 3.2OZ EN
8040-01-124-2842LOCTITE HYS 9430 1QT EN
8040-01-419-7715LOCTITE HYS 9462 50ML EN
8040-00-061-8303Hysol D0151 EPK 3.3OZ
8040-01-066-6442LOCTITE HYS 0151 10L7LB KT EN
8040-00-145-0043LOCTITE HYS D0151 1QT EN
8040-01-004-1031LOCTITE HYS 11C 4OZ EN
8040-00-777-0631LOCTITE HYS 1C 4OZ EN
8040-01-048-2193LOCTITE HYS 6C 4OZ EN
8030-01-460-0246Alodine 1132 Touch-N-Prep
8030014600246Alodine 1132 Touch-N-Prep
8040016092397Hysol EA9628NW - 0.06
8040-01-609-2397Hysol EA9628NW - 0.06