Innovating Assembly in the Woodworking Industry

Nexabond™ 2500 Wood Glues offer the woodworking professional a way to revolutionize assembly and manufacturing of cabinetry and other millwork products due to eliminating the problems caused by water in traditional carpenters’ glues.

With Nexabond™ adhesives craftsmen can eliminate sandpaper loading, often the bane of traditional carpenters’ glues.  Reducing, or even eliminating clamping offers obvious cost saving advantages.

Nexabond™ 2500 Wood Glues contain no hazardous solvents, no VOCs, and are non-flammable.  Because Nexabond™ adhesives allow significantly less adhesive to be used, waste costs drop dramatically.



Using Nexabond™ 2500 Wood Glue offers the following benefits:

  •  Achieves high strength quickly
  •  Reduces clamping time
  •  Glue, plane and stain all in one day
  • Improved productivity
  • Rapid, humidity tolerant cure speed
  • Dramatically reduce squeeze-out
  • Improved sandability
  • Product chemistry enables problem-free automated/metered dispensing


Nexabond™ also works on:

    •  MDF
    •  Melamine
    •  Particle Board
    •  Many exotic woods
    • Oily Wood


Award-winning Nexabond™ 2500 Wood Glues utilize a unique, water-and-solvent-free formula to quickly achieve high-strength bonds and dramatically cut product assembly times.

As one shop owner said, “Nexabond™ 2500 Wood Glues have changed the way we make cabinets forever.”