Rudolph Brothers Presents: High-Temp Tooling Board

The FR-4700 is a rigid, high temperature, hybrid tooling board that is designed for
Prototype Machining, Prepreg Composite Layup Tooling, Vacuum Form Tooling, Tool
Proofing, Pattern Making and Master Model Making.

The new FR-4700 series can withstand peak temperatures up to 400° F and continuous use temperatures up to 350° F, significantly more than other products on the market. With high machinability, competitive pricing, thicknesses up to 14 inches, and available in 18, 30 and 40 lb densities, this dimensionally stable hybrid material provides an excellent choice for all of your high temperature needs.

Key Performance Benefits

• Applications up to 400°F peak temperature
• High temperature continuous use up to 350°F
• Compatible with commercial prepregs
• No out gassing or cure inhibition
• Dimensionally stable
• Large block sizes available
• Reduced bond lines
• Reduced bonding labor
• Excellent surface finish
• Easy machinability

Next Steps

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