Henkel Aerospace Products available from Rudolph Brothers

Rudolph Brothers is an exclusive distributor of Henkel Aerospace products. With product lines from Hysol, Turco, Alodine, and Frekote, Henkel Aerospace products are vital to the manufacture and maintenance of commerical and military aircraft.

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Our Adhesives & Composite Systems include

  • Paste Adhesives and Specialty Resins
  • Film Adhesives, Peel Ply and Primers
  • Dispensing Systems
  • Syntactic Products
  • Core Splice Adhesives
  • Mold Release Products

Our Surface Treatment Systems include:

  • Cleaners
  • Deoxidizers and Etchants
  • Conversion Coatings
  • Jet Engine Cleaners
  • Surface Conditioners and Sealers
  • Depaint / Repaint


Henkel Aerospace Product Application Video

Mold Release
Frekote Mold Release

Turco Cleaners

Paint Strippers
Turco Paint Strippers

Conversion Coatings
Alodine Conversion Coating

Composite Bonding and Structural Adhesives
Hysol Surfacing Films and Pastes