Rudolph Brothers would like to announce that we are now carrying the product line, Adhesive Squares. Offering a wide variety of uses, these temporary, customizable adhesive squares can be a great addition to your tool crib.

Achieving Temporary Hold, Permanent Peace of Mind

We know that there are times during production assembly or construction when you may need to temporarily hold parts in place prior to their permanent bond. Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesives are a cost-effective solution, serving as a quick and simple aid in staged construction.
Since we understand how crucial precision can be while joining together automobile components or furniture pieces, our Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesives offer an option of a temporary hold. This customized solution forms an instant bond, yet allows you to reposition materials, holding them temporarily in place without impacting your final production process. Use Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesives to improve your product assembly applications and keep components secure until final assembly or permanent adhesion occurs.


Over 1,000 sizes to match 1,000 uses
Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots, featuring PEAP (pre-engineered adhesive patch) Technology, deliver on the promise to do the job better than any round, double sided, pressure sensitive adhesive on a release liner—period. When it absolutely, positively needs to stick, you can rely on Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots.
Adhesive Squares™ are available in four standard adhesive grades; low tack, medium tack, high tack, and super high tack as well as three standard profiles. They are also available in over 500 dimensions. Combining these factors, Adhesive Squares™ can be produced in over 1,000 options to match 1,000 uses.
And if that is not enough with the knowledge of our Ross Scott Labs™ research team we are confident that we can create or find the right glue…right now for your specific application.

Easy Release, Excellent Adhesion

We Don’t Cut Corners! Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesives provide 27% MORE
substrate surface area coverage than equivalent circular adhesive dots. They also include
PEAP™ Technology, which results in easy release from our unique liners and excellent
bond adhesion to almost any substrate.

Increased Production That Lowers Cost

Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesives eliminate setup, maintenance, repair, cleanup and capital
outlay of expensive application equipment. The uniformity of Adhesive Squares™ brand
adhesives provides exact application standards every time for consistent finished product
quality. There is no “learning curve” with Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesives. Simply place,
press and peel!

Custom Sizes and Formulations

For nearly 20 years we have been formulating adhesives for all types of industrial use.
Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesives can now be made in over 1000 custom sizes, with custom liners and adhesives to match your specific application needs.

A Versatile Solution for Any Industry

Packaging & Material Handling
Foam Bonding
Product Assembly & Manufacturing
Building & Construction Aid
Food & Beverage
Furniture/Bedding Assembly
Print & Mailing
Small Business Operations
…Almost Any Industry or Application!

In-Stock Squares, Strips, & Patches

Select from one of our 30 in-stock sizes available for immediate delivery. Over 90% of our standard in-stock sizes are shipped the same day.

Custom Size Squares, Strips, & Patches

Use the convenient online selector guide to find the perfect size, profile and tack level. Build your own by choosing from over 1000 sizes, 4 tack levels and 3 thickness profiles.

Custom Formulation and Configuration

Work with our Ross Scott Labs™ research team to create the custom solution.

Request a quote today or call us at 1-800-375-0605 to place an order.