Betafloor – From Dow Automotive

Longevity, Durability and Performance Benefits – Starting with the Floor The wear and tear taken by school buses, city buses and other commercial vehicles requires advanced solutions to improve durability and safety. BETAFLOOR™ pourable flooring and sealing technology creates a watertight, repairable and fully sealed floor that provides low VOC emissions. Installation is fast and [...]

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Economical Acrylic Conformal Coating

AC801 is a single component, clear acrylic conformal coating which meets IPC-CC-830 as well as a U.L. Yellow Card The coating is sprayed brush-applied and dip-applied, and air dries tack-free to provide a tough environmental coating. The material provides protection of print circuit boards, electronic components, thick-film circuits  and  other  substrates.  It  contains fluorescent indicator [...]

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Adhesive vs. Welds

Rudolph Bros & Co has been helping customers achieve great results with various adhesive systems. Through our partnership with Lord Corporation, we have access to a truly amazing line of adhesive products. If you are currently welding metal, contact us to have a consultation to see if using an adhesive would be a better option. [...]

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50ml Dual Syringe Manual Dispenser

Our Dual Syringe Manual Dispenser is a very practical tool for dispensing material from 50ml side-by-side cartridges. The 50 ml Dual Syringe Manual Dispenser can be used as a hand plunger or as an adapter for a standard caulking gun. If you are an occasional user of adhesive, this might be a good option for [...]

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Vacuum Vs Pressure Degassing

One of our preferred vendors for prototyping products, Hapco, has put out a great article on degassing. The post discusses two different degassing methods: Vacuum degassing and Pressure degassing. Read the article here  

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Alodine 1132 Touch-N-Prep Pen

Alodine 1132 Pens   Henkel developed Alodine 1132 coating with the convenient Touch-N-Prep applicator pen to provide a clean, easy-to-use method of repairing conversion coatings on aircraft and aircraft part surfaces. The unique Alodine 1132 Touch-N-Prep no-rinse conversion coating effectively repairs bare aluminum substrates to prevent corrosion. It does not require rinsing, and can be air-dried or force-dried [...]

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General Purpose Polyurethane Adhesive

New Adhesive Offering from Rudolph Brothers & Co: We are pleased to announce the release of MA 5005, a single component, moisture-curing MDI polyurethane adhesive for general bonding applications on porous substrates. Polyurethane adhesives are used in many industries; construction, cabinetry/furniture, and the manufacture of recreational vehicles are just a few. They’re also used in a wide variety of [...]

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Mold Release Products from Rudolph Brothers

Frekote Mold Release, brought to you by Rudolph Brothers & Co. The Frekote® Line of Products is the Broadest Mold Release Line Frekote® mold release agents, backed by over 40 years of research and development, are the global industry standard for performance, quality, and value. By pioneering release solutions for many of the world’s largest [...]

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Paint-On Fire Protection

Exclusively from Rudolph Brothers: There is a growing concern for increased fire protection in Motor Coaches, Buses, and Trucks. Rightly so; we rely on these vehicles to move large amounts of people and cargo every day throughout the country. Operators and OEM’s need to put proper protection in place to ensure the safety of their passengers. The General Public [...]

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Rubber Mold Release from Rudolph Brothers

Frekote® Aqualine® R-220™ A Semi-Permanent Release Agent for Demanding Rubber-Molding Applications Frekote® Aqualine® R-220™ offers excellent release and slip properties and is recommended for the most demanding rubber molding applications, such as EPDM rubber. When properly applied to a preheated surface, this water-based product chemically bonds to the mold surface to form a thin, inert, thermally stable release coating. [...]

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