Now available from Rudolph Brothers: Bottle Labeling Adhesive from Henkel Adhesives

Optal XP 77 offers bottle labelers an improvement in performance over traditional synthetics and natural hybrids. With exceptional tack and adhesion, your bottle labels will remain affixed from the time the labels are applied through repeated usage and compression. Ideal for bottling facilities that process both glass and PET, Optal XP 77 is a one-product approach that will improve both your production efficiency and the quality of your end-use packaging.

Optal XP 77 Benefits

• Superior adhesion to a variety of PET and glass bottles
• High wet tack
• Excellent machining with consistent mileage improvement over alternative technology
• 100% synthetic formulation extends shelf life to 6 months and creates batch-to-batch consistency
• Ideal for overcoated glass not requiring IWR (Ice Water Resistance)

Optal XP 77 is synthetic polymer labeling glue. This product exhibits high wet tack, with fast speed of set, and extremely clean machining. Optal XP 77 is formulated to have very easy clean up, while offering excellent adhesion to PET and over-coated low dyne glass. This product is also formulated to have good Hyper-condensation resistance for use on wet bottles. All ingredients in Optal XP 77 are approved under the Federal Regulation 21 CFR 175.105, which relates to incidental contact of adhesives with food.