Products for the Marine Industry


Rudolph Bros has been working in the Marine industry for more than three decades. We have in-depth knowledge of the industry and the variety of manufacturing methods employed by boat builders.


Technologies available for the Marine Industry:

  • Mold Release Agents
  • Structural Adhesives
  • Tooling Board
  • Sealants


Mold Release Agents

Rudolph  Brothers is one of the largest distributors of semi-permanent mold release agents in the USA. We can help you select the right system for your specific application by inspecting your manufacturing process and suggesting the best mold release product for you. Our extensively trained sales people will work alongside you the whole way.

Our mold release agents can be applied in a variety of ways; from Wipe on to Spray on. Do you need a low-VOC formula? We can help with that too.


Structural Adhesives

Rudolph Brothers was a pioneer in the application of structural adhesives in the Marine Industry. Our goal is to help you produce a soundly built craft that will stand the test of time.

Gone are the days of sanding and applying putty. Our Marine grade adhesives will chemically bond the fiberglass fulls and stringers which speeds assembly as well as makes a better boat.