Longevity, Durability and Performance Benefits – Starting with the Floor

The wear and tear taken by school buses, city buses and other commercial vehicles requires advanced solutions to improve durability and safety. BETAFLOOR™ pourable flooring and sealing technology creates a watertight, repairable and fully sealed floor that provides low VOC emissions. Installation is fast and the need for side wall molding and sealers, as well as center aisle aluminum extrusions can be eliminated.


  • Process optimization improves in-station cycle time, reduces manual labor and enables streamlined seat assembly and repeatability
  • Self-leveling pour process for ease of application and worker safety
  • Greater durability and longevity enables reduction of service and warranty costs
  • Fast application enables a 20-minute walk-on time
  • Effective sealing protection
  • Solvent-free with low or no odor
  • Ease of repair in-plant or in the field
  • Slip-resistant as shown by the dry/wet test
  • Application process enables varying thicknesses of BETAFLOOR
  • Color options available


BETAFLOOR seals seams and bonds to painted surfaces, plywood and metal. It offers commercial vehicle manufacturers and service providers a durable and long lasting flooring system that will perform well against heavy passenger use and the elements.