Products for the Aerospace and Defense Markets

Technologies available

    • Film and Paste Adhesives
    • Mold Making Products
    • Polysulfide Sealants
    • Mold Release Agents
    • Surface Treatment Chemicals


Our Adhesives & Composite Systems include:

    • Paste Adhesives and Specialty Resins
    • Film Adhesives, Peel Ply and Primers
    • Dispensing Systems
    • Syntactic Products
    • Core Splice Adhesives
    • Mold Release Products


Our Surface Treatment Systems include:

  • Cleaners
  • Deoxidizers and Etchants
  • Conversion Coatings
  • Jet Engine Cleaners
  • Surface Conditioners and Sealers
  • Depaint / Repaint


Rudolph Brothers is AS9120 Certified. Contact us for the most recent copy of our certificate.

BMS Spec Approvals: BMS 5-42, BMS 5-90, BMS 5-101, BMS 5-129, BMS 5-154

We also have the ability to maintain inventory in our 1400 square foot deep freezer.